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Is there a place for me among the Jewish people?

Is there room for Judaism in my life?

What if my partner isn’t Jewish?

What if the Torah doesn’t speak to me and my identity?

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Together, we can discuss a Jewish lifestyle that best represents who you are. I am deeply committed to affirming the identities of all of my clients, and I craft all of my ritual ceremonies in a way that reflects that philosophy.


With identity embodiment and inclusion at the center, I offer pre-lifecycle counseling and officiation to individuals, couples, and families who have arrived at their Judaism through various paths. Joining you on your journey, I am committed to helping you discover who you are and how you identify - Jewishly or otherwise. It is my hope that whatever your religious upbringing, Hebrew literacy, sexual orientation or gender identity, our work together will help you feel more Jewishly connected and spiritually whole. I am especially committed to the inclusion of LGBTQIA+ individuals, couples and families, and to helping interfaith couples and families create their Jewish narrative in a safe and welcoming space.

However you identify and whatever your background, our work together is guaranteed to start, center around, and end with you and your needs in mind. I am here to help you explore your spiritual needs, develop language to articulate them, and together create practices to bring them into your life. Couples come to me with questions such as: “can I incorporate rituals from another religious tradition into the wedding ceremony," “how will my kids come to appreciate both their Jewish heritage and that of their relatives who aren’t Jewish” and "as a couple who isn't represented in traditional wedding language, can we adapt wedding liturgy to fit our family's identity?" Together, we will explore these questions to find answers that feel the most comfortable and true for you.

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