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Co-officiated ceremonies are a beautiful way for couples from diverse backgrounds to honor both of their pasts while celebrating the new family you are forming together.

I proudly co-officiate with priests, ministers, monsignors, Hindu priests, family friends, and even beloved aunts! My process for co-officiated ceremonies is collaborative (think Zoom, Google Docs and counseling meetings filled with good food and drink!).

Our goal is to work together to design something that is authentic, bringing together the themes and rituals of both religions to complement each other. Each component will convey the themes of love, devotion, and commitment that all religions share.

“Our families and friends were so moved by the ceremony. Many guests told us they appreciated the way both of our traditions were incorporated and there were a lot of happy tears to go around. We can't imagine a more meaningful and beautiful way to start our married life together. We will never forget the feeling of standing under the chuppah together, surrounded by so much love and community. We will hold that moment in our hearts forever.” - Sarah & Ethan

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