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Mazel tov and congratulations on your engagement! It’s an honor to be a part of your wedding journey.

Together, we’ll tell your story using the rituals and blessings of the traditions that were passed down to you and your partner, infusing them with your personality and including your community as we send you off to write your next chapter.

My process for all wedding ceremonies includes optional (but encouraged!) counseling sessions, which I designed based on years of experience as a clergyperson and licensed therapist. These help me get to know you and your partner so I can craft a ceremony that fits your vision and values, and tell your story in an authentic way. They also include a "big topics in marriage" conversation (that couples say is their favorite one!) and an integrative planning session to make sure your ceremony is all you.

Many couples come in saying “We don’t need that!” and leave saying “The sessions were my favorite part of the experience!” They're designed to bring you on a  journey from engagement to chuppah in a holistic, caring, and creative way. When you reach out, we'll set up a time to chat further and I can tell you more about how it all works!

"When we first learned that neither of our childhood rabbis could marry us, we were bummed and we didn't want to be married by a stranger. We are so incredibly grateful to have found Cantor Stein and have her as our guide through the entire process. From the counseling sessions to ceremony planning, we were so appreciative of her wisdom and comforted by her expertise. Everything was perfect! The next day, I said to Jacob, 'I'm pretty sure I told the Cantor I love her at the end of the ceremony'. I thought about it for a second and then I added, 'No regrets!!!'”   - Ricki & Jacob


Click on the type of ceremony you’d like to have to learn more about the process.

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