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Interfaith wedding ceremonies are a meaningful way to celebrate your Jewish heritage and honor your partner’s faith.

Together, we'll represent both partners by weaving Jewish traditions with rituals from other faiths. In designing a ceremony that represents both partners and honors the new family you’re creating, we’ll make sure to include what matters most to you and your partner. You can also invite a sibling or friend to light a unity candle or deliver a reading from the New Testament.

I’m here for both of you. My goal is to create a ceremony that is inclusive of all aspects of your lives and rich in education and community.

"Cantor Stein was incredible. I am an Asian American woman who grew up Christian, but Cantor Stein made the process seamless and handled it with grace. We had an interfaith ceremony and Cantor Stein was very gracious explaining Jewish traditions to me so we could decide which elements we wanted to incorporate into the wedding. She also did an excellent job making our guests feel comfortable as well, explaining the traditions as she helped us perform them. I cannot recommend Cantor Stein enough. She brought us closer and blessed us with a sweet and memorable ceremony." - Rebecca H.

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