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Do you need help remembering how to recite the Four Questions at your Seder? Or maybe you’re pondering some big philosophical Jewish questions …


I can help answer your questions about Jewish rituals and holidays, texts, and traditions. It’s never too late to learn to read Hebrew, sing holiday blessings, or explore the relationships and lessons of the Torah. 


For people looking to convert or learn the basics, I also offer one-on-one “Intro to Judaism” sessions. I create a safe space for you to ask theological questions, express doubt or confusion, and make new meaning based on your worldview. Let’s take tradition and find your place in it together.

“Cantor Stein helped our daughter do the FULL Bat Mitzvah prep in eight weeks! Layla knew the basics, but really needed help figuring out how it went together. Cantor Stein taught her everything she needed to do, and filled in the blanks! She also built a great relationship with our daughter, who really enjoyed the sessions. We so appreciate Cantor Stein!"  - Courtney K.

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