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The Jewish wedding ceremony is a series of beautiful, ancient rituals and blessings. My job is to marry you with the symbols, rituals, music, and blessings that connect you to a community of people who came before you while elevating your unique story within that community.

We’ll weave the story of who you are as a couple throughout the ancient Jewish wedding structure by locating you in a chain of tradition—whether that’s by inviting close friends to translate the Sheva Brachot (Seven Blessings) or breaking a glass that you can turn into art for your home.

During our counseling and planning sessions, I’ll also walk you through all of the moving parts of the ketubah signing and wedding ceremonies. I’ll also share resources and instructions for everything—from ordering a ketubah to getting your marriage license to helping you incorporate Judaica (like your grandpa’s kiddush cup!) into the ceremony.

No matter the religious background of your guests, I’ll make sure that the ceremony’s symbols make sense so your community knows exactly how to support you in this simcha, this special moment.

“One of my Jewish friends started crying and said that Cantor Laura’s ceremony made him want to start going to shul. And a couple of non-Jewish friends who had never been to a Jewish wedding before remarked on how meaningful it was and wanted to learn more about Judaism — one specifically mentioned us being wrapped in the Tallit together as their favorite moment.” - Rebecca R.

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